Stellar Finserv Plus Prime Wealth

"Simplifying Finances And Enriching Lives"

Stellar Finserv plus Prime Wealth’s focus is in the field of Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Asset Allocation, Alternate Investments, Risk Protection and Estate Planning with a profound passion of fulfilling our client's financial requirements.

We research the markets, in the best possible manner, suitable to our client’s profile & requirements and suggest Mutual Funds, ETFs, PMS, AIF, Fixed Income Investments, PPF, NPS, GOI’s Small Saving Schemes, or other regulated products and Risk protection products such as pure term life insurance, and health/medical insurance. We engage completely with our clients to ensure that their interests are at the core of everything we conduct.

Our Services & Products

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a type of certified managed combined investment scheme that gathers money from many investors to buy securities.

Life Insurance

As the name suggests, Life Insurance India secures your life from financial losses, which occurred due to the unexpected.

Health Insurance

A health insurance plan that covers critical illness means you can insure yourself against the risk of serious illness

Financial Planning

It is the process of meeting your financial goals through the proper management of your finances. Financial goals can include buying a home.

Asset Allocation

Investments allocated between Equity, Debt, Gold, Real estate and others assets due to return from asset classes at any point in time will not be same in a direction or magnitude.

Estate Planning

We help people identify everything they have and then with the help of an advocate , help them draft a will for a dispute free transfer of wealth.

Create a perfect goal

Give shape to your investments with our powerful tools & invest now.

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